About Us

Our company business activity dates back to 2002. We are engaged in export operations, which consists of production line of various agricultural products and export delivery of these goods till the door of foreign customer in any point on the globe. To fulfill this task company owns meaningful lands and plantations throughout Georgia. In addition company has contracts with large farms and small households on raw material supply throughout the season. Company owns several plants for laurel leaves processing, black tea processing and hazelnut factory in west Georgia. Main aspect for obtaining high quality world standard product is well trained and qualified personnel for quality control and technological cycle for processing each product line. Company staff is well adjusted and their skills are tailored to the best way for company needs.

Regular export of various assortments to different destinations of the world enriched company's expertise in the field and enabled us to grow in multiple aspects: financially, in business mentality, business ethics, communication with international business participants in common language, understanding of various banking operations and instruments and their practical application in business, etc.

Range of products our company exports include dry Bay laurel leaves of different grades in different packaging, hazelnut in shell, hazelnut kernels, industrial hazelnut kernels, some local spice items... etc. Detailed presentation for each product is allocated in this site.

In line with pure local Georgian origin products we may have other country origin products as well. Fact is that our close relations mostly with neighboring and not far countries' colleagues enabled us to be rated as first hand supplier of certain agricultural products from those countries.

We reckon we possess some key values in business through which work with our company might be attractive for foreign partners. Some of such values are: Fluent English speaking partner on the other side of the phone or computer, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week online availability of our staff on any business issue, low margin with turnover amplification in focus, instant reaction on customer needs on any matter and supply of samples with express courier on our company account, multiple photo and visual confirmation as to how goods prepared for customer look out, how customers packaging look out, how goods are loaded and positioned into container or truck, in addition many various details though which customer will feel work with us comfortable and in the end honesty and transparency of relations is our most valuable principle and visit card through which we are stably moving forward in the multilateral common business environment of the world.